Engagement Photography sessions with Key West based destination photographer, Karrie Porter. Captured on location with newly engaged couples, and guys (or girls) planning to propose to their significant other while Karrie captures the event.
Nick and Alyssa ProposalJulian and Brittany ProposalRob And Laura EngagementDionicia And Derrick EngagementAlli and Kelly ProposalMichele and Adam EngagementJenn and Kari EngagementJon and Reese ProposalRyan and Linnette EngagementKyle and Brandi ProposalChris and Victoria EngagementMoezine And Monika ProposalMonica and Ian EngagementWamidh and Kimberly ProposalBrittany and Rich EngagementWendell and Samia ProposalMary and Keith EngagementLouie and Lauren ProposalDaniel and Kimi EngagementWilliam and Cindy ProposalJamie and Chris EngagementSteve and Doria ProposalElizabeth and Doug EngagementBrandon and Sarah ProposalSarah EngagementGuillaume and Timur ProposalJeff and Kim EngagementBrandi and Mireya ProposalMolly and Dale EngagementJorge and Nadia ProposalKsenia and Dmitry EngagementJohn ProposalDvorak EngagementShane and Lauren ProposalGreg and Sandy EngagementTyler ProposalKayLee and Geo EngagementMike ProposalRyan ProposalScott ProposalTony and Cathleen ProposalGeoff ProposalKevin ProposalMeg ProposalNate ProposalAngus ProposalKeith Secret ProposalDavid ProposalChris and Keisha ProposalJohanna and Robert EngagementHunter and Tori ProposalTony and Taylor Proposal