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On a recent breathtaking summer day, we had the honor of joining Alicia and Chet to celebrate their wedding at the Hyatt Resort here in Key West, Florida. Joined by numerous family and friends, some from right here on the island, we captured the entire day and were witness to a beautiful couple vowing to spend the rest of their lives together.

Alicia looked stunning in her slender strapless gown with sweetheart neckline and elegant beaded ribbon sash. Her makeup and hair were perfect, thanks to Studio Marie-Pierre's artist, Amanda. Flowers by Gilda provided the stunning florals of creamy roses. Chet and his groomsmen looked equally handsome in their black tuxedos, and their two dogs who had accompanied them on the trip sat back in calm delight as they watched all the activity around them.

The ceremony was held out on the dock overlooking the ocean, and a light breeze helped stave off the summer heat slightly. Of course every wedding has it's touching moments, and one might think that after so many years that they have lost their magic for me, but actually just the opposite is true. The longer I am involved in this industry, the more I come to realize what this day means for the individuals and their families. And this wedding was no different, especially so because as I shot, I became keenly aware of the subtle expressions, tiny glances, and strong affection shared not only between the bride and groom, but among other members of the family as well.

I nearly forgot what I was doing when a fleeting moment of affection passed in front of my lens as the bride looked over at her father as he walked her down the aisle, and to see Chet's expression as she approached him was absolutely (pardon the expression) the icing on the cake.

After family portraits and introductions, the party was underway, and along with fellow photographer Laura who was assisting me that day, we captured every detail, person, and dance move we could manage in the few hours that unfolded.

It was an amazing time and we can't be more appreciative to Alicia and Chet for choosing us to be part of this special day!

--Karrie Porter - Key West Wedding Photographer
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