Key West Photographer - Karrie Porter | David and Melinda
Key West wedding followed by the bride and groom riding bicycles away into the sunset.Cycling into the sunset!
David and Melinda joined me, my associate Monika, and local officiant Geri Logada, for a simple and serene ceremony on the beach. It is always beautiful to me to watch two people who so clearly love each other very much, exchange vows along a wide stretch of sand, with a huge ocean to one side, but gaze at each other as if nothing else existed.

Elopement ceremonies always remind me of the important role I play in people's lives. While a big extravagant wedding will supply a lifetime of "remember that!?'s" with every guest wielding a camera at the ready, a small ceremony without any fanfare has only the beauty of the love the two people have for each other. But those memories are still important and deserve to be part of the family's legacy. That's where I feel very honored to have been one of the few who got to witness this event firsthand, and feel proud that it is my images that be the window through which everyone else will be able to attend.

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