Key West Photographer - Karrie Porter | First Friday Music - Billups Art Feb 2010

Billups Art in east Nashville hosted their first "First Friday" music event, a tradition that we hope to see continue in accordance with their expectations. To be held, as the name implies, the first friday of each month, it is a gathering of local artists and songwriters for an intimate evening sharing their work with the well-turned-out audience that was in attendance. The talent this past Friday consisted of Stephen Salyers, who also coordinated the event, as well as Mattina Scarpino, Mason Douglas, Tyler McCollum, Lance Kotara, Tyler Flowers, Leigh Brandon Houison, and Danny Salazar. I was impressed by the variety and talent, as well as the quality of the show. The small, but cozy, venue was comfortable with a variety of standard and high-top tables, as well as a comfy sectional sofa in one corner, and during the intermission one has the pleasure of taking in the artwork that adorns the walls of what is technically an art gallery by day. The bar was well stocked and well staffed, and there were light hors d'ouvres available as well. For more information about this and other events at Billups Art, contact them at 615-489-5100. They are located at 1008-C Woodland St in Nashville, just past 10th Street.