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Wedding Registry Information

The Creative Way to Give.

You and your family are embarking on one of the most exciting days of your lives, and there have no doubt been some items that just had to get removed from the wedding wish list.

If your beloved couple is well stocked with the typical household items, the usual dinnerware and luxurious lamps and stunning silverware that make a house a home, you might consider gifting them something that will give them generations of joy instead!

This is where the Wedding Registry comes in

If your couple would prefer a lifetime of happy memories, this service makes it easy...both for them, and for you!

How it Works
1) Click the "Wedding Registry" image.
2) Click "Buy" at the top of the page.
3) Choose the Registry item you would like to gift them.
4) Pay for the items and submit your order.

You'll receive a temporary receipt that your gift is in review. Once approved, you'll receive a confirmation email and your gift certificate. You may print and deliver this, or you can choose to simply email it to the couple if you prefer.