Key West Photographer - Karrie Porter | Rich and Peggy Underwater Proposal
Key West can always be counted on to present us with new and unique challenges from our potential clients...this week's request just so happened to be an underwater proposal!

Rob got the inquiry after Rich and his girlfriend got into town. Unfortunately, the logistics of scheduling, weather, manpower, and equipment were proving difficult to accommodate, but Rob was dedicated to helping Rich in his goal of asking Peggy to marry him while submerged during one of her SCUBA certification dives. We managed to touch base with Henry Rose, the dive master who would be training Peggy, and he agreed to play photographer for the big moment. Using a simple GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition with the premium underwater housing, Henry was able to capture some excellent images for Rich.

So, how exactly does one go about proposing under water? Rich used a wrist slate - a small white tablet that can be written on with a special writing utensil - to inscribe the words "Will U" on one slate, and "Marry Me?" on the next. The look of surprise on Peggy's face was priceless as Rich then pulled the ring out of his BC pocket and presented it to her.

All of this, yes, while sitting on the bottom of the ocean, breathing out of their regulators with SCUBA tanks on their backs.

While our role in this event was not behind the shutter this time, we were glad Henry was available and able to help these guys out. He brought the images back and we handled the editing, adjustments, and of course, hosting them here on their gallery!

Congratulations to Rich and Peggy! Best wishes from us all!
(Unedited)Rich and Peggy