Key West Photographer - Karrie Porter | Wedding Photography Workflow

A Journey of 100 Steps Starts With a Single Click

Take a peek behind the scenes at all the steps that go into getting your photos from your event to your gallery.  

In our digital and "instant access" world we live in, it's sometimes hard to envision what goes on behind the scenes to get our hands on the things we want.  Whether it's a loaf of bread at the supermarket, or your photos after your wedding, we see the finished product, but are not usually aware of the many phases they must go through to get to us. 

This workflow is what we follow with every event, and helps keep our team on track for "what's next?" with any given job. 

The steps that go into file management for a wedding photography shootWedding Workflow File Management

The steps it takes to get the client gallery ready to receive imagesWedding workflow Client Gallery Setup

The steps that go into reducing the number of images from a wedding the best Wedding Workflow for Culling images

Everything it takes to get images edited from a weddingWedding Workflow steps that go into Editing

Steps that go into creating a sneak peek galleryWedding Workflow Sneak Peek

Steps that go into archiving photosWedding Workflow for Archving photos

Steps that go into creating wedding galleryWedding Workflow for setting up Gallery Format

Steps that go into publishing images from a weddingWedding workflow publishing

Quite the journey!  But it's not over yet...

At this point, the images would go to the client and we would await the reply for Favorites, Retouching, Album Images, Order Images, and anything else that was included in the package.  From that point, a new Workflow starts up, depending on the product and the type of session (for example our workflow for Portrait Albums is different than for Wedding Albums).  

For more information about the general Turnaround Times for various types of sessions, check out THIS ARTICLE on our Blog!