Privacy Policy

We take your privacy very seriously and consider it a privilege to be provided with the information that allows us to better serve you. SCROLL DOWN to review our privacy policy and how we collect and use your information.

Personal Information

When you make a purchase or request information from, we collect your name, phone, email, and details about your request so we can respond with pertinent resources and/or fulfill your order.

Your gallery access includes the option to create a Client Account with an email and password that is unique to you. This is not required, but will enable you to update your information and track your orders.

For your privacy and security, we do not store credit card numbers in your account or within our virtual billing system.


Karrie Porter Photography uses session cookies to track visitor navigation throughout the website. You may set your internet browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, etc) to notify you when you receive a cookie, and you may also erase cookies from your browser after shopping. If you delete our cookies, you may lose information you had saved or progress you had made in online forms, however deleting a cookie will not hinder your enjoyment of the content or the ability to purchase from us.

We use custom code on our site to allow us to run reports on the number of visitors, pageviews, and the time users spend on our site. This code does not capture any personally identifying information, but will aggregate the actions taken during your visit with that of other users, giving us a “birds eye view” of how visitors find the information they’re looking for.

We also use code that allows us to view a screen flow of how a user navigates through our site. It collects no personally-identifying information, and is used as a design tool to ensure navigation is clear and users can find the information they are looking for.

We also have a Facebook Pixel installed on our site. This acts as another behavioral aggregate tool, and allows us to create custom audiences in Facebook whose interests and affinities match that of our actual site visitors (the “birds of a feather” concept). We also use it to create posts that will serve relevant information to that audience, but again this happens on a macro level and no personally-identifiable information is shared.

Third Party Access

Our studio does not sell or exchange your name or other personally-identifiable information to third-party companies for their marketing purposes. We do provide personal contact details for the purposes of fulfilling an order. For example, we use an online payment processing security service to process credit card transactions online, but in order to do so, we must share your name, email, address, and order details with them. If we outsource your order to a professional photo lab, this is another scenario in which your information would be shared. The companies we work with similarly do not use client data for any reason other than to perform their designated responsibilities.

How We Use This Information

Information collected on this website may be used in the following ways:

  • Fulfill orders

  • Send helpful tips and resources

  • Send quotes and contracts

  • Bill your credit card for purchases

  • Confirm orders and track shipping

  • Offer additional products

  • Customize your shopping experience

  • Improve our website design

Privacy Protection

The studio is equipped with various physical storage drives and has technical and operational processes by which to restrict access to your information by unauthorized persons. We train employees about their role in protecting your data, and provide them with manuals and guidelines for adhering to our ethics standards and committment to confidentiality.

All information transmitted through this website are stored on a secure server, protected by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology, which is the industry standard for data security as it transverses the web. You will know you are viewing a secure page as your browser will indicate when a website is secure, by designating the prefix of the URL as “https”.

Unless stated, a link from Karrie Porter Photography to another domain does not indicate a responsibility for or an endorsement of that website’s policies and conditions. When you provide information to another website linked from our site, you then become subject to the new site’s privacy policy, so please be advised to read their policy before submitting information you deem sensitive. Our Privacy Policy does not transfer to linked websites.

Links to Other Websites

Changes to this policy may be made at any time for any reason. Last updated: 12/1/2018

If you have questions, please contact us at the email or phone listed on our Contact Page