Contemporary Women's Portraits

You know that feeling you have when you buy yourself a new dress and suddenly your confidence soars? That’s what having an amazing magazine-style photo shoot can do for you as well! Join me in studio for an incredible experience as we celebrate everything that makes you beautiful, from the inside out!

Hello, Gorgeous!

When is the last time you let your hair down, put on a glamorous dress, had your makeup done, and had a little fun?
I photograph women of all ages, shapes, and walks of life.


So many of us - myself included! - spend so much time and energy pleasing everyone else, that we rarely take time for ourselves. Going to the spa is certainly relaxing, and having a lunch date with a girlfriend is a great way to connect, but once those experiences are done, they’re gone.

I invite you to have an experience…

To see yourself in a remarkable way…


To rejuvenate your sense of self,
and to walk away with an impactful gift that will bring you joy every time you see it.

Glamour Portraits are not what they used to be. Forget the 80’s hair, soft focus and feather boas. These sessions are designed to be like mini magazine cover shoots. You’ll be pampered, catered to, and enjoy outfits you don’t normally get to wear. Think Vanity Fair meets Rembrandt. It’s a modern take on an artistic past.


Explore Every Facet

There are days you feel quiet, serene, and reflective. Others, you want to throw your head back and laugh. Both are the true “you”, so during your session, we will let them all shine through.

I go through a range of poses, backgrounds, outfits, and portray a range of expressions in your photographs. This is not a “let’s see how long you can hold an awkward smile”, it’s conversation, it’s collaboration, it’s camaraderie, and it’s connection.


No Excuses

It’s so easy to put something like this off. We make every excuse in the book - too old, too tired, too busy, too out of shape - to not get in front of a camera. But here’s the real truth, my friend. None of us are getting any younger or (most of us) any skinnier! :D

But guess what? Your family…the people who love you…they don’t see the wrinkles, the fat, or the age, they just see their mother, their partner, their friend.


“But I’m Not Photogenic”

Right….because you don’t hire a plumber unless you already know how to fix a sink yourself…?…and you don’t hire an accountant until you’re an expert at taxes?…question mark?

See how this doesn’t make any sense?

So many people tell me they “can’t” do a session like this because they don’t know how to pose and “wouldn’t know what to do”.

Just like any other professional service, it is not your job to “be good” at being photographed. Leave it to me to direct, pose, and incite genuine reactions that put you in the best possible light.



It is not your job to "be good” at having your portrait taken.
Leave the styling, posing, and retouching to me!



In nearly 2 decades of photographing people, I’ve had exactly ONE client who was a legitimate professional model (and no, she’s not in this gallery). :)

Point is, the women you see here are real people.
If they can do it, so can you!

Now Is The Time

How you are remembered by others is, I would argue, more important than what you do in this life. What will your children do when they look back on your life after you're gone? Let them find the most beautiful version of you, at the height of your confidence, power, femininity, and prestige.

Exist in Photographs


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