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If you’re looking for wishy washy white-sky photos with no pop or personality, you’re in the WRONG place!

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Wedding Photography for Contemporary Couples

If you’re planning a Key West wedding, and you've been checking out photography sites for your big day, you've no doubt come across the line about "Choosing your photographer is the biggest decision you're going to make!"... 


What does it take to be a contemporary wedding photographer?

It's about loving the story as much as the scene unfolding before you.

While there's no doubt that your photographer plays one of most central roles in the planning and smooth execution of your wedding day, and, surely, has the distinction of having the one product that will outlive all of us, I think the decision is much more simple than people make it. 


What does it take to find a fleeting moment?

it takes an understanding of people


You can feel it when someone's work speaks to you.  You know it when you've hit it off in conversation.  You can sense when you're in good hands.  In other yourself when you know it's the right decision... 


Capturing the "real you"
is also about...

seeing the unscripted & serendipitous.

it's everything that happens before, behind, and between the orchestrated ceremony and the final farewell.

If you decide that is with me, I will be here to help you with questions, listen to ideas and offer suggestions, and deliver on your vision for your wedding day memories.  


And what does it mean to be a modern bride?

it means trusting your intuition, being open to new ideas, and taking creative direction that results in those jaw-dropping images you didn't even know were possible

If you want to look back on your wedding day and see...

images that give you instant connection to that place and time

colorful scenes in unique locations

a glimmer of sunshine and a spark of joy

and bold, romantic, non-traditional artistry...


A directory showcasing the coverage and flow of the story line of individual weddings from select venues. These galleries give you a sense of how I tell the story, both with the creative and the candid.

If you see your own wedding in these, then we’re on the same page in terms of logistics and end result.


A selection of some of my own personal favorites from recent events. These are the images that make my heart soar, that I’m super proud of, and that I hope you will enjoy reviewing as well.

If you love what you see in here, then we are a good artistic match!


For my LGBT friends traveling to Key West to celebrate, like all of the island we are a gay-friendly establishment and love working with same-sex couples! I am familiar working with and posing both with gay and lesbian couples and am happy to help you with any planning questions you may have.


Nothing gets me more fired up than fun couples who laugh freely, love deeply, and aren’t afraid to try new things.

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