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When deciding on the size and style of wedding book or album,there are more options than a bride could ever imagine

We share the options available here at Karrie Porter Photography.

There is no better way to tell the story of your wedding day than with an album.  This is more than a record of moments, it is the heirloom piece that will remain in your family for generations.  Digital images are certainly an enjoyable means of reliving your wedding day, but as current technology quickly becomes obsolete and file formats deteriorate or change over time, there will be a time in our future that "the cloud" will fail us in some capacity.  Do you really want to risk the most beautiful photographs of one of the most important days of your lives, not to mention memories that you have invested a lot of time and money into, to an uncertain digital future?  You can read more about Karrie's take on the importance of the album in this article.  In the meantime, enjoy the stunning array of options available exclusively to our destination wedding couples!

Luxury AlbumsAlbums from our luxury "DMA" Graphistudio line


• Refined styling and exquisite details

• Tactile finishes with raised features 


• Multiple finishes on a single page

• A cornucopia of cover choices

Our "Digital Matted Album" (DMA) albums from Graphistudio in Italy offers the epitome of luxury and style. Graphistudio Sample © Yervant

We have been offering Italian Graphistudio wedding albums for over 10 years.  The books are created on the highest quality equipment by talented artisans who mix the right amount of "schmooze" and science to deliver products that take your breath away. 

Translucent pages inside the Graphistudio DMA books.Subtle interior translucent accent pages Spot gloss on matte finish wedding albumAn extremely advanced finishing process means we can now mix matte and gloss finishes on a single page

Between the mixture of gloss, gold and silver-lined, matte, and linen finish pages, and the insertion of beautiful translucent pages, the use of spot-gloss, shimmery borders, raised print lettering, and aesthetically pleasing layouts, these books tell the story of your day in a way that you'll never experience elsewhere.
Coffee Table Books

• Beautiful panorama spreads

• Thick pages with no center-seam

• Wide variety of spine-styles and covers

• Professionally designed layouts


Coffee Table Books

Coffee Table Books make up our most popular line of albums.  They are extremely versatile, with lots of colors, finishes, and cover options.  The layouts are so forgiving, so we can create stunning single-image two-page spreads that really make a statement, and on the next page we can tile fun thumbnails of a particular moment, sequencing them almost like a film reel as you watch the event unfold.
See cover colors HERE
  • 8x12
  • 8x8
  • 9.5x13
  • 9.5x9.5
  • 12x16
  • 12x12
  • 14x18
  • 14x14






SAMPLE 10x10 Coffee Table Book with set of 2 5x5 Parent Books



  • Smooth Leather      •  Distressed Leather    
  • Painted Leather      •   Acrylic
  • Printed Metal          •   Engraved Metal
  • Woven                     •  Silk                                
  • Debossed                •  Image Cut-Out




Coffee Table Book with Teal, Wood, and Etched coversCoffee Table BooksFun colors, cutouts, and leather etching to make your album uniquely you! Detailing of etched leather albumUnique Cover ChoicesEtched leather in a variety of colors, or fabrics made of silk and linen
Detail of bindingHand Wrapped PerfectionMaster craftsmen hand-wrap the leather and linen on every single album.
Binding viewLibrary Stitching and BindingWhereas cheaper consumer-grade books use glue that wears out, library binding lasts a lifetime.

Destination Brag Books

• Simple layouts with clean compositions

• Smaller sizes, perfect for toting around

• Smooth and linen page finishes

• "Lay Flat" construction and light covers

Destination brag books by Millers LabDestination books are constructed with care by our professional lab. Materials and techniques are top-notch, and their smaller size makes them easy to carry around and show off.

Optional name stampingOptional name stamping is available on leatherette covers
LayFlat dust jacket coverDust jacket covers are one way to add custom imagery and names/dates LayFlat Destination brag books interior viewInterior page finishes are smooth and clean. Rounded corners are available on some sizes. Images are best laid out 1 to 2 per page.
Linen hardcovers with engravingLinen hardcovers with engraving
Corner binding detail on destination bookCorner binding detail on destination book

Foil stamping in silver or gold, plain or fancy text.Foil stamping in silver or gold, plain or fancy text.

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