Key West Photographer - Karrie Porter | Contemporary Women's Portraits

When's the last time you celebrated yourself? When's the last time you had a professional portrait made, just because you wanted to feel beautiful?

Not because it was your wedding. Not because your child was starting middle school. Not because you and your husband were celebrating an anniversary.

Just because.

We spend so much energy taking care of everyone else. We work, we clean, we love, we let everyone else lean on us.
What if for just one day, you could bundle all that giving energy and focus it on yourself?

Treat yourself with a makeover, professional hair and makeup, a gorgeous new dress (or two...or three...), and look over at the most beautiful portrait you've ever seen of yourself.

No Excuses! In my career as a photographer, I've heard every reason under the sun to not be photographed. "I'm too fat, I'm too old, my arms aren't in shape, I don't like the attention on me, I'm too tired, I'm not important, not one wants to see these." But what will your children do when they look back on your life after you're gone? How you are remembered by others is, I would argue, more important than what you do in this life.
When your great-great grandchildren want to know your story and go looking for the photographs that represent who you were, all that work will be summarized in often only a handful of prints that depict what your life, your career, or your family entailed. Let them find the most beautiful version of yourself to cherish forever.

As a Professional Portrait Photographer, I wholeheartedly believe that we must Exist in Photographs.

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Join me for a day, and let's capture your true spirit, with a little sparkle and pizazz, for your family, for your children, for yourself.