Nancy and Enrique | Casa Morada Resort • Islamorada

I remember every one of my weddings in great detail, but some I remember even more. Nancy and Jose Enrique’s wedding was unique in that, well…how should I say this…due to the unscrupulous practices of one of their vendors, they almost didn’t have a photographer at all. I’ll spare you the details, but at the last minute, I was able to step in and, with some creative thinking, solve the problem and provide them with the stunning photographs their wedding fully deserved.

The grounds were perfect, the wedding planner Julia Timmons of Blue Water Weddings had everything under control, and the weather was looking perfect.  

The dress was perfect, her veil was so romantic, and every detail of hair, makeup (some of it provided by Beauty Boutique and the Glam Squad), accessories, and shoes were totally "her".  

That might have been the end of that story, but for me, the fact that it then became a wedding at which I got some of my favorite images that year, and was published by Enchanted Brides Magazine, made it even more special.