Paul and Madison's Surprise Engagement

A warm and windy afternoon on the beaches of Key West held a special kind of excitement for Madison, as clearly indicated when Paul dropped to one knee to ask that all-important question….

The surprise started earlier that day, when Paul, who had planned the trip from their native New Jersey to Key West with this special day in mind, informed her that he had booked a surprise photo shoot at a nearby beach. She would soon also learn that the photo shoot included hair and makeup as well, so when Roberta Andre hair and makeup artist with Beauty Boutique & the Glam Squad arrived, she sat back and enjoyed getting pampered.

Shortly after they were ready, I arrived to their hotel, the Casa Marina Resort, to pick them up. We drove to Fort Zachary Taylor, all under the guise of “just enjoying a nice couples photo shoot”….nothing more to see here! (wink!)

Couple walk hand in hand in the tall grass at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park.jpg
Key West photographer captures engagement photos.jpg

Once we were done taking pictures by the fortress and in the open field and walking paths, we headed over to the beach. Paul knew we were getting close! When asked later what he remembered, he said the biggest thing on his mind had been the GIGANTIC ring box. It had been so big, it did not fit in his pocket, but he also did not want to have just the ring loose in his pocket either, lest he lose it.

Couple on the beach of Fort Zach.jpg

Instead, he opted to sneak the ring (box and all) into the bag they brought to carry Madison’s extra shoes, her completely unaware that it was in there.

I got the couple positioned on the beach, pretending to pose them “just so”, before feigning the need to grab something else out of my bag. This was Paul’s cue as well, and he used this moment to retrieve his “something” from his bag as well…the sparkly symbol of his love, and the gift he would - in just a moment’s time - present and ask his girlfriend…

“Madison, will you marry me?”

She literally jumped for joy, smiled, and jumped into Paul’s arms…a clear “YES!” as I could tell from afar. :D

Proposal photographer in Key West captures the kiss after she said yes.jpg

When I asked Madison if she had any idea what was coming, she had shared:

“Paul set up a lovely relaxing day. We started our morning with couples massages, then we had a delicious brunch, and finally Paul treated me to getting my hair and makeup done. It all was very sweet.

I kept thinking he was doing all this to throw me off. I think I told myself that so I wouldn’t be disappointed if it didn’t happen. But the possibility was in the back of my mind.”

After the secret was out, we spent some time capturing more photos around the park, Paul and Madison smiling ear to ear, playing in the waves and soaking up the refreshing salt air of the Key West beach.

We departed and headed to Louie’s Backyard, where I had arranged for dinner reservations, complete with champagne, a bottle of wine, and a delicious gourmet meal on the water.


We wish the couple well and are thrilled to have been part of the start of this new chapter in their lives!

Accommodations: Casa Marina Resort
Hair and Makeup: Beauty Boutique artist Roberta Andre
Key West Photographer: Karrie Porter
Dinner Reservation: Louie’s Backyard

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