Is This Really How You Want to Enjoy Your Photos?

I have to run back into the burning building to save my....16GB NFTS Backwards Compatible USB3 drive!”
— Said: No One Ever

Okay, maybe that's a little melodramatic. But all jokes aside, I want you to start thinking about how your photos are going to exist after your wedding.  

Because face it, digital files are great and all, but who wants to be looking at this everyday?

Beautiful USB on the Wall.jpg

Not to mention, your digital files are not guaranteed to last forever like a print will.  

  • When's the last time you used a Jazz drive? 

  • Wasn't the Motorola Razr flip phone amazing when it first came out?  

  • Remember when having a DVD-burner on your laptop was a really big deal (and now, manufacturers don't even bother)? 

Plus, even if you stay on top of the latest changes, computers crash.  And when they do, oohhhhh do they crash!

broken macbook.jpg

I was in a backup class a while back that cited something like

67% of computer-users had experienced a major equipment failure before.  That's a lot! 

Think about it, if 2/3 of the population's cars were prone to engine explosions, we would be horrified.  

Even if you get lucky and that never happens, sometimes the files just simply deteriorate over time.  A digital image is nothing more than a series of instructions in the computer that tells the display to render specific colors into pre-determined locations. 

The daughter of a fresh produce seller stands at the market plac

If even one tiny bit of that information is wrong, it can affect whole sections of the image.  

It's sort of like how DNA provides a set of instructions for how we look and function, and if one strand is wonky (scientific term), the health of the entire person can suffer.  


 Sometimes, the software is fine, but you manage to lose the USB drive. 

They're cute and convenient, but very easy to misplace. 

This is why we always recommend burning an additional copy of your drive as soon as you get it, just in case!

Have I scared you yet?   :) 

Good! Yes, digital files are awesome, and as a "techy", I absolutely love being part of the digital generation.  I just have been in business long enough to see what time can do to digital media. 

For you, what I want is for you to be thinking about all the beautiful things you're going to create WITH your digital files!  A photographic print, when created with archival ink and paper from a professional lab, will last over 100 years.  

A framed portrait will never need a software upgrade, and a photo book will never give you the "blue screen of death".  

enjoying a wedding album.jpg

So, now that I've got your wheels turning....

How will YOU choose to enjoy your beautiful photos after your session or event?

Leave a comment and share the creative ways in which you plan to get your images OFF the USB drive and into your home!

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