What do photographers wear to casual beach weddings?

If you're getting married in Key West, you might be curious how the overall laid-back atmosphere translates to photographer dress code. While it is true that Key West is more laid back, and our dress code is, in general, less formal than most places you'll visit, a wedding is still an important event and your photographer should dress with respect to the level of formality of the wedding.

Since the majority of the weddings we shoot down here in Key West tend to be smaller, more casual, typically outdoors, typically with very few guests, and often on the beach, our dress code is understandably less stuffy than you'd find at a black-tie event in a big city ballroom.

I wanted to have some fun, so here is the "official-unofficial" attire you can expect at a typical Key West wedding.


CAMOFLAGE  –Practical, solid, non-flashy colors like black or brown.  “No khaki?” you ask.  Not really…sure it's "beachy", but it gets dirty too easily, and black is the unofficial “wedding vendor” color and sends a signal to guests and other vendors that we are there on official business.

STUNNER SHADES –That sunset sure is pretty, but does a number on the eyes after hours on end.  Ask Karrie about the first time she ever wore polarized sunglasses to shoot a wedding...the heart failure is funny now...not so much when she thought her camera was broken.  Lol.

GREAT ATTITUDE –The most important piece of wardrobe!  Period!

BIT OF “SASS” – If you’re not a natural supermodel, no worry!  I’ll help you channel your best looks by demonstrating various butt-pooking, back-arching, and hip-popping poses to make you look amazing!  Want a really fast tip for [visually] losing five pounds in an instant?  Don't stand with your weight evenly distributed on both feet.  Choose a foot and rock most of your weight to one side, or back away from the camera.  Instant sass. 


GRAB BAG – Essential if we are hitting up several locations, and even more if I’m shooting by myself.  Being able to do those quick battery changes and card-swaps without running back to the pelican case keeps the momentum rolling.

KINOS – “THE” essential footwear anytime I’m shooting anything that doesn’t require pants.  Getting those fun shots of you running down the beach isn’t quite as easy if I can’t dump the ‘flops in sand and trot along with you.  Plus, they’re comfy and cool, and who wants their photographer to be cranky ’cause her feet hurt, right?

GAUCHOS – Sort of like soft, flowy capri pants, these are my go-to bottoms when shooting in the heat.  I like wearing black, but in this heat, the light fabric is perfect for preventing me from melting into the sand.  A passed-out photographer doesn’t make pretty pictures (although if you had an iPhone handy, could make for a funny social Meme).

TOUCH OF COLOR -   Just something to add a little spark and fun into the outfit.  Sometimes I even score extra points by managing to match the wedding colors.  But usually it’s olive green, fuschia, lemon yellow, or turquoise.


and obviously, no ensemble is complete without all the gear.  :)  Depending on the wedding, sometimes I’ll just tote one piece of gear at a time, and sometimes I’ll have one on each shoulder and swap back and forth as we change locations and settings. 

So, there you go!  I hope my fun little “Make up of a wedding photographer” graphic was entertaining, and hopefully I’ll see you soon down here in Key West for your destination wedding!