Elopement Rates

Karrie Porter Photography
Elopement Collections and A La Carte Pricing


  • Coverage by Karrie Porter + Assistant

  • 3 Hour Elopement Session
    (Preparations, Around Key West, Ceremony)

  • Editing of all Photographs

  • Online Gallery and Mobile App with All Images

  • All Digital Files with Full Size print release

  • Printed Proof Book with all photos


Avail Mon-Thu


  • Coverage by Karrie Porter + Assistant

  • 2 Hour Elopement Session
    (Around Key West + Ceremony)

  • Editing of all Photographs

  • Online Gallery with All Images Captured

  • All Digital Files delivered with 12” print release

  • One 16x20” Wall Portrait


Avail Mon-Thu

Short and Sweet

  • Coverage by Karrie Porter

  • 1 Hour Elopement Session
    (1 Location / Ceremony)

  • Editing of all Photographs

  • Online Gallery with All Images Captured

  • 50 Digital Files delivered with 12” print release

  • One 11x14” Wall Portrait


    Avail Mon-Wed

All Rates are subject to change until booked.

A La Carte

Whether you want to build your own collection from scratch, or add services to an existing package, these individual rates will help you get exactly what you need.



Add-On Coverage • $450/hr
When booking more time on any existing package


A La Carte Coverage
When building your own package from scratch.

2 Hrs or More • $ 550/hr

4 Hrs or More • $ 500/hr

8 Hrs or More • $ 450/hr

Includes photography by Karrie and assistant, travel within 1 hour of Key West, consultations and planning, all post-production and editing, online delivery and download access of your digital images, a release for printing up to 12”, and the love and appreciation of our entire team! :)

Prints and Wall Art

Matted Prints • $45 and up
5x7 luster-coated prints in classic 8x10 white matts, suitable for framing or shelves.

Gift Prints • $20 and up
Small prints ranging 4x6 to 8x10, suitable for tabletop frames and gifts to family.

Wall Art • $180 and up
Large prints mounted and sealed, to be displayed on the wall. Available in canvas, wood, metal & acrylic.

Print Proofs • Hrs of coverage x $175
If you’re a touchy-feely type and want to sort, flip through, and pass around actual printed photos, these are for you!

Albums and Books

8x8 Album • $1400 and up
Hand-crafted, custom-designed, and built to last, display your favorite 40+ images. Includes retouching of every album image and delivery of those retouched digital files.

10x10 Album$1600 and up
The same beautiful album in a larger coffee-table book size, with your favorite 80 or more images. Includes retouching of every image.

6x6 Parent Books$450 / set of 2
Exact duplicates of the main book in a smaller size.

Proof Book • Hrs of coverage x $75
Every image from wedding day bound into 13x11” book with contact sheet pages.

Other Sessions

Rehearsal Coverage$450
Candids of ceremony walk-through and/or welcome dinner. Includes editing, online delivery, and download access of images. Coverage may be provided by Karrie or Associate Photographer.

Bridal Beauty Session$550
Stunning magazine-style portraits captured in studio, with hair and makeup and wardrobe styling included. Includes $100 gift card to apply toward portrait selections.

Engagement Session$650
Casual couples' portraits and “lifestyle”-type images. Includes editing of proofs, online gallery, mobile app and 16x20 Wall Art and 25 retouched images w/ print release.

Digital File Upgrades

USB on dark.jpg

Upgrade to Custom USB Drive • $225
Images are downloadable from your gallery, however, you can also receive a personalized USB delivered in a luxurious custom case.

Upgrade Files to 30x40”$400
If your printing needs will exceed the standard 12” High-Resolution digital files, use this upgrade to receive files printable to 30x40”

Upgrade to 30x40” + Custom USB Drive $600
Receive both the file size upgrade and the USB delivery.


Included with….

All packages for weddings in the Florida Keys.
The Marquesa package for weddings anywhere in Florida.
The Cay Sal package for weddings in the Eastern USA.

Other travel billed at actual rates for hotel and flight/fuel.


Basic Retouching • Included for Prints and Albums
We automatically retouch all prints and album images to remove simple distractions like flyaway hairs, exit signs and power outlets, to soften skin and remove small blemishes.

Advanced Retouching • $30 and up
If you require more extensive cosmetic retouching, extensive body-shaping, etc, these changes are billable.

Want to tinker with pricing and options? Use our interactive

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Package and Booking F.A.Q.


Can I swap products and services within a pre-designed package?

Yes. Products can be swapped for other products of the same value (ie, instead of a matted print set, you opt for a wall display instead), or applied on the account as a Gift Card that you can redeem after the wedding. Services can similarly be swapped with other services, with the exception of complimentary services, since they are offered as a gift.

Are we able to add more hours of coverage after booking?

Yes! If you decide later that you need more time to cover everything, you’re welcome to add it on later.

If you shoot more than the stated number of images in the package, do we still get those?

Yes! The numbers listed are a conservative minimum of approximately how many images to expect, but every event is different and if it turns out that we end up with more photos than that, you still get them all in your online gallery, digital downloads and (if included) your USB drive.

Are we required to purchase prints from you after the wedding?

You’re welcome to print from your digital files at the lab of your choice, for whatever size digitals are included in your package, or you can order from us. The benefit to printing through us is that if you want any additional retouching beyond the basic edits delivered in the gallery, that is included at no extra charge for anything we print for you, AND you receive the retouched version of the digital file as an extra bonus. But ultimately, no, you do not have to purchase any prints from us if you don’t want to.

Will you hold the date for us while we’re….on vacation / moving / touring with a rock band / etc?

Popular dates do book quickly, if you know you want to book but don’t have time at the moment to finalize your exact package, then you can put a flat $1000 retainer down to hold your date for 2 weeks. This gives you a little more time to decide on hours of coverage, products, etc. At that point, the balance of your 50% deposit would be due along with the finalized signed contract.

If you want me to simply hold the date without a retainer, just because…..weelllllll….I love you, but no. :)

Tell me more about the Bridal Glamour session.

I’d love to! Besides weddings, my absolute favorite thing to photograph are women’s portraits. I think we often don’t take time for ourselves, and that’s especially true when we’re busy planning a wedding. I’m on a mission to make sure the women in my circle feel that sense of self-confidence and inner strength that comes from seeing a stunning portrait of yourself.

Not only that, but what better time to test out hair and makeup than when you’re going to have your photos done!? The complimentary session also includes hair styling and airbrush makeup by Beauty Boutique & the Glam Squad, so you can meet those girls and - if you haven’t already booked a beauty team - decide if they’d be a good fit for the wedding day as well.

We don’t live in the area, how do we schedule our other session(s)?

95% of my clients are from out of town, so no worries! If you will be visiting during the planning stages, we can schedule those sessions during those trips. They’re typically scheduled on weekdays, unless it’s a slower time of year when a weekend is open. Engagements are generally scheduled 90 minutes before sunset for the best natural lighting. Bridal sessions are done in the studio and are generally mid-afternoon, allowing for time for hair and makeup beforehand, and done in time for you to hit the town. If you won’t be visiting beforehand, we can schedule them the week that you arrive for the wedding (you just won’t get the benefit of save-the-dates, but would still have a fun shoot with casual couples photos).

I’m having “a very small wedding”, can we….fill-in-the-blank…?

While a “small wedding” anywhere else is usually an average-sized wedding in Key West, I’ll start by saying that I’m happy to help you come up with a package that will be a great fit for you…it just won’t really have anything to do with the size of the guest list. I have enjoyed 6 hours shooting a wedding with only 2 guests, and I have been to weddings with 120 people and the clients only needed me for 3 hours; it’s more a question of how much of the day you want covered and which images are most important to you. Even if it’s a “small wedding”, I’m still going to deliver with the same level of creativity and document the day in a memorable and meaningful way.

All this sounds great! What is required to book?

We will send you an online contract with your package selections. Once that is signed and we receive your 50% deposit, you’ll be officially booked.

More questions? Check out our

General Wedding FAQ