Hanna and Tony + Vanessa and Mike | Dual Wedding at Key West Harbour Yacht Club

Most couples are used to celebrating their wedding day with their closest family and friends nearby. But for Hanna, Tony, Vanessa, and Mike, they decided it would be more fun if they all actually got married….TOGETHER!


The couples reached out to me to find out if I’d be interested in shooting a double wedding. Of course! The plan was set and I arrived to their suite to meet the group and capture some of their details and getting-ready shots.

This laid back group got the party started as soon as I arrived, passing around the salt and limes, ensuring the essential six-pack of beverages, and hand-rolled cigars were on hand, taking a moment to laugh and celebrate before the ceremony.

Pass the salt.jpg
Groom Puffs a Cigar on his Wedding Day.jpg

The ceremony took place by the water; while one couple exchanged vows, the other presided and served as witnesses, along with a small group of additional friends who made the trip to Key West for the ceremony as well.

Couple get married under palm tree at Key West Harbour Yacht Club.jpg
Close up of wedding band exchanged during Key West wedding.jpg
Bride smiling as the ring is placed on her finger.jpg
Couple get married in casual beach ceremony.jpg

They chose Key West Harbour Yacht Club for their midday ceremony, and we spent some time under the palm trees and out on the sand, grabbing photos of each couple in turn, and some of the four of them around the property.

There were so many fun ways to incorporate the Dual Wedding theme, we had a great time soaking up the sunshine and tucking into the shade for some creative shots as well.


It was a really unique and fun-loving way to celebrate, and I’m so honored to have been invited to be part of it!