Tyler Proposes to Tracie at the Ernest Hemingway Home

When your girlfriend has a love of all things literary, the only logical place to take her when you land in Key West is the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum!

Press PLAY to relive their Key West Engagement Session below!

When the couples’ plane got delayed, Tyler was worried that his plans to propose might be thwarted, but it was no trouble to reschedule their session and make sure they enjoyed a Key West engagement unlike any other!

Originally, Tyler’s plan had been to carve out a section of a new Hemingway book purchased just for the occasion, but when we spoke later, he admitted “I just couldn’t bring myself to doing that to a perfectly good book”. I concurred, and instead he said he would just gift her the book set separately from the ring.

As I entered the location, the blue skies looked down on the stately mansion, with it’s iconic yellow shutters, palm-tree lined entrance and wraparound balcony.

I found a strategic spot that I could see both the gate where Tyler and Tracie would enter, but could also see them as they walked in and onto the lawn, but also where I would not be spotted standing off in the distance.

Boyfriend on one knee proposing to his girlfriend in front of Ernest Hemingway Home

I had sent word to Tyler ahead of time to let him know where the best lighting and angle would be, and he hit his mark perfectly. Minus the “keep off the grass” sign which had to get removed during post-production, the spot was perfect and gave us a beautiful backdrop of both the lush foliage of the landscaping but also the house itself.

Soon the big moment was upon us, and I - long lens in hand - fired off as many shots as I could while Tyler dropped to one knee and asked Tracie to marry him!

They got engaged at the Hemingway House in Key West
She said yes at the Hemingway Home and Museum in Key West
She said yes during undercover proposal in Key West at the Ernest Hemingway Home
Enjoying their Heminway Home Proposal

Based on Tracie’s expression, I could tell from my undercover vantage point that she must have said Yes! And when Tyler stood up and pointed me out, she laughed and admitted she never even realized I was there, despite me having to come out of my secret hiding spot halfway through the proposal to get a better angle.

The local six-toed Hemingway cats, which are famous on the property, stood by and watched the event unfold, and when it was all done, Tracie was sporting a shiny new bit of bling on her left hand!

Couple enjoying engagement photos outside the Hemingway Home
Newly engaged couple smiling at each other during their Hemingway House proposal
They just got engaged at Hemingway Home in Key West
They just got engaged during their trip to Key West in front of the Hemingway Home and Museum

After the couple had a moment to catch their breath, we headed up onto the wraparound porch, and took some photos with the architecture in the background. I am so happy for this newly engaged couple, and excited I got to play “stealth mode” while photographing their surprise proposal session!

Here’s to a happy engagement!

Venue: Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum
Key West Photographer: Karrie Porter

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