Sara and Michael Say "I Do" on Smathers Beach

The day was perfect as Sara and Michael brought their closest friends and family together to get married on the beaches of Key West. They chose one of the largest beaches on the island - Smathers Beach - for their location, which rewarded us with sprawling sands and a stunning sunset to boot!

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The couple met online. Sara happened to be in the area, dropping off her dog at her mom's house, and she & Mike matched - first date was at a Mexican restaurant 2 weeks later, and the rest is history :)

The couple love running and do a lot of road races together, but they can also be found just running the neighborhood together with their dog Koda. They also love traveling, family time with the kids, people watching while enjoying a pint of beer, heading to the beach, and shop time (they said that “Mike works while Sara drinks wine” LOL).


Their first family trip to Disney was Mike & the kid's first trip there (Sara used to work for Disney and goes at least 2x/year with her mom). Their parents had gone with them to Disney as well. Mike had been planning the proposal, working with Sara’s mom to have her grandmother’s ring reset to fit her. Mike's original plan was to propose at the end of the Disney Marathon, which he and Sara were running together, but wanted to make sure it was an area the kids and Sara's parents could be involved.

The end of the marathon is mayhem and after a grueling race, so Mike decided to wait until that night. The kids and Sara's parents were all in the know about the proposal and spend the whole day so excited. That night, on their way to dinner, Mike took Sara onto a bridge at the Port Orleans Riverside Resort. He had a serious tone and Sara thought she was going to get a lecture for making him run a marathon (haha!)

Instead he pulled out the ring and all Sara could do was start hitting him and saying "shut up shut up shut up!!" She was SO surprised!! Finally said an officially YES OF COURSE and their engagement officially began!

Smathers Beach Wedding Ceremony in Key West

One of the things that I was most excited about when Sara and I were initially in the planning stages of our conversation, was how much she loves fun photos with emotion and smiles and lots of color. When I finally met her in person, I could see why this was important, as she is a very warm, friendly, and enthusiastic person - just my kind of bride!

Smathers Beach Wedding Ceremony in Key West
Smathers Beach Wedding Ceremony in Key West

Laura and John shared that they are from Orange County, New York, and had been to Key West before. Not only that, but they had ridden in a biplane once before as well. During that ride, they wore the old-fashioned skull caps and had some iPhone photos to share with me. This time, they opted for radio headphones that would allow them to talk to each other and to the pilot throughout the flight. So, naturally, I had to use the headphones in a ring photo!

Smathers Beach Wedding Ceremony in Key West
Smathers Beach Wedding Ceremony in Key West

As the pilot began to get everything ready, I took the couple where I could and we got photos over the plane, behind the plane, near the plane, and even where the plane sleeps at night (the nearby hanger with the giant American Flag - pretty sweet!

When I asked about their vision for the big day, they shared that they were looking for casual and fun! The two are not stuffy or traditional. Putting on a good time for their family was the top priority above all else.

Since their love of travel was one of the reasons that brought them to Key West, we wanted to incorporate an iconic Key West element…namely, the Southernmost Point. Once everyone loaded into the limo and other vehicles, we caravanned over to the intersection of Whitehead and South Street where the famous “90 miles to Cuba” landmark was waiting.

Keeping everyone close made the evening fun, lending itself more to a celebration of love and luck finding each other more than anything else. We wrapped up the day with one excited and happy couple!

We wish the couple well and are thrilled to have been part of the start of this new chapter in their lives!

Friends and Family, view their full gallery HERE

Special thanks to the vendors who helped make it happen!

Officiant and Pilot: Judy (Mom)
Ceremony Venue: Smathers Beach
Reception Venue: Blue Heaven
Hair and Makeup: Beautiful Brides of the Florida Keys
Key West Photographer: Karrie Porter
Bridal Shop: BHLDN
Groom’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse
Flowers: Marathon Florist
Transportation: AAA Limo
Rings: AC Jewelers
Cake: Sweet Savannah’s