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Which Portrait Session Option is Right For Me?

Whenever I have a family contact me about a portrait session, after receiving the packages and pricing, I often will have the discussion with clients about the differences between the types of sessions I offer. Instead of trying to describe the variation of images from each location and session length, I thought it would be easier if I just showed you!

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How Much Time Should I Book With My Photographer

Most people think that because they’re good at managing their schedule in their everyday lives, that they can easily estimate how much time they need to book their photographer on their wedding day. Use these questions and checklist to make sure you schedule your day as smoothly as possible.

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The Many Specialties of Professional Photographers

If someone tells you they’re a photographer, you probably have a mental image formed by a previous interaction at a wedding, or perhaps with your mom at last year’s family portrait session. But did you know there are actually many specialties in the field of photography that most don’t realize? Here we’ll explore their differences and why you might hire one or the other based on your need and personality.

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