Plan a Long Weekend Engagement Getaway in Key West

Scheduling a long weekend in your destination wedding location is one of the best things you can do leading up to the big day, not only for your sense of sanity, but also for your relationship.



It's easy to get caught up in the details and planning of the wedding.  Instead of seeing your fiance as your future partner in life, they begin to take on more of a role of co-organizer, co-pilot, and at times, co-conspirator!  There is so much work that goes into planning any event, but a destination wedding adds unique stress in that you have less control. 

Having a few days of fun helps remind you of why you're together and why you chose the destination you did.  Having perspective of what's important helps you not sweat the small stuff.




You've likely perused tons of photos of the venue, flowers, ceremony site, video samples, photography examples, and seen beautiful displays on stunning websites from all of your favorite vendors, but there's a lot to be said about seeing those products and people in person. 

It's often easier to make a decision when you have something tangible to see, touch, and experience.  Even if you have narrowed down your remaining vendor choices to a single florist or photographer, decisions will need to be made on styles, sizes, quantities, and other details that wrap up the order and finalize the booking.



In addition to booking your remaining vendors, having a few days to visit with those professionals you've already hired can resolve any remaining concerns you might have, gives you some valuable face-time with the people who will have an integral part of the success of your wedding, and gives you an opportunity to make any changes if needed. 

It's a good idea to pre-schedule these meetings, and if possible, get it all done in one day.  You don't, after all, want the trip to be all work and no play!